My name is Corben Anthony Turner. I am 2 and a half years old and I love to terrorize my big sisters.  This year I got to become a big brother and as soon as my baby sister gets a little bit bigger I can terrorize her too :v) I love to play with my trucks and my dinasours.  I love to play with my big sisters but I wish they would stop painting my toenails.  My daddy is going to go to the Middle East to fight for my country so I am going to be the man of the house until he gets back.  I am good at keeping everyone laughing with all the funny things I do and say.  I  like to nap in the afternoons and go to the beach. My daddy tells me that I am too cute for words and I agree!




This is a short video clip of me walking for the first time!

Put you mouse over it and it will eventually play.

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